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In loving memory of Brieanna Elmer, we will be holding an annual cut-a-thon.  

We sincerely hope that this small act will remind us all of her contagious spirit of giving, her unyielding joy of life and her unwavering courage in the face of tremendous adversity!  

Brie, you are an inspiration to us all and we miss you!

​2021 Cut A Thon

We are proud to have raised over $700 for St. Jude's in memory of Brie.  Thank you all for your donations and support!

Feb 28,2021

From the Elmer family:

This morning at 4:44 Brieanna has finally decided she’s done and the agony was enough. We started this journey exactly 4 years ago in the ER with good news about some swollen lymph nodes. A couple weeks later after finishing antibiotics and nothing changed we had them biopsied. Our lives were about to change as we knew them to be forever. As this last chapter of the book was written by Brie for sure we know that she’s at peace and doesn’t have to suffer anymore. After receiving great news on her last scans we returned home from Memphis and started her new chemo regimen. On Friday last week she thought she was having a migraine but as the day progressed we ended up in the ER as Brieanna was unable to speak and her loss of physical capabilities resembled that of a severe handicapped person. Early morning Saturday she was sedated to do a lumbar puncture,CT scan,and MRI of brain. After finishing scans when trying to bring her out of sedation she was combative and very much still in a bad place. We decided after no test results pointed in any other direction that the only explanation had to be this cancer had infiltrated her brain even though there was no tumor just enhanced spots on her imaging. Brieanna wouldn’t have wanted any of what was going on to be happening. She hated tubes of any sort and refused pain meds throughout her entire journey. We decided to take her off the ventilator with a do not Recessitate. We were still upholding everything on her terms and not being selfish in our decisions. As Adam and I were sitting in her bed we had a song playing called “not with haste” by Mumford and sons. Ironically, it was also the song at the end of the movie brave. Her medical team removed her breathing tube after 4 days and she began breathing on her own. To say the least we were all in shock as we thought we were saying goodbye. The craziest part was the she immediately spoke and smiled and acted like Brie. As hard as that part was I would have given anything to hear her voice and see her smile. Her brain was injured but definitely intact and we were discharged with hospice care. We stayed in a suite at the residence inn right by the hospital in Morgantown as this would give family and friends a chance to see her. Even in her weakened state she still smiled and said hi to everybody. terminal secretions had started and it had been over a week since she had eaten. Other than a single string cheese she ate while painting nails. That happened to be her go to food since I can remember. Brie never wanted anyone to feel sorry for her and a big part of the reason this post is coming after she finished her last chapter in her book. We are meeting tomorrow morning to start making arrangements and will post after. Thank you to all who have walked along with us on her journey. It’s not always been easy, pretty, or textbook but it was on her terms. She was an amazing, strong, smart, and beautiful young woman. We love you Brie❤️

UPDATE - 2020

Thank you to everyone who came to the cut a thon and donated.  

Together we raised over $5,000 for Brie and her family! 

Some pictures from the event.  Thank you to all!

Cut a Thon and Raffle for Brie

When it was held Sunday, September 13, 2020 

$20 Haircuts

$40 Haircut and Blowdry

Raffle Tickets

Drinks and Snacks

Greetings Salon Vivacious guests.  Please join us for a Cut A Thon to provide support for one of our own salon family members.  Amada Elmer's 13 year old daughter Brianna.  

Brie is currently at St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis TN.  Brie has battled a rare form of cancer called  Rhabdomyosarcoma.  She has conquered two relapses, and is fighting hard again due to another one. The cancer has now spread throughout her body and the doctors are working to slow the spread as much as possible.

With your help, we would like to provide financial assistance to the family for travel and household expenses.  Amanda is staying with Brie and is unable to work.  ALL proceeds raised will go directly to the family.

We appreciate all of your kindness!

We will be holding a Cut A Thon and a raffle with some amazing prizes.   Of course all cash donations will be accepted.  100% of ALL proceeds will go directly to the family!

Click on the video to see a recent news story about Brie

Donations can be made in person or by mail to:

Salon Vivacious

Attn - Cut A Thon for Brie

8629 S. US Hwy 1

Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952

Thank you for your support and generosity!

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