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Serving customers since 1984

Fatima been a professional beautician since 1984.  She has studied in Connecticut and NYC.  She has worked in the Port St Lucie area since 2004, she has built a very strong and loyal clientele. Having the experience of owning a successful salon in the Northeast for 6 years prior to moving to Florida, Fatima knows what it takes to not only grow a clientele but to keep it. That is why, the opportunity to take her ideas a​nd know-how and again open her own salon proved too much to resist.

Come Join Team Vivacious

Are you looking for a new opportunity to work with a team that truly cares for its clients?

We are looking for talented, customer focused, and energetic stylists to join the Salon Vivacious family!

Come be a part of #teamvivacious

2019 - Premier Hair Show - Orlando, Florida

What an amazing event!  Investing in our team ton continue to raise the bar in value for our clients!

Latest News

Hair Show 2019


We are more than a "team" we are a "family".  A family that would not be complete without our amazing clients.  

We sponsor attendance to a regional hair show for our staff once per year where they can be exposed to classes on the latest techniques and options for providing cutting edge hair styling services. 

 We also sponsor teaching events from our suppliers on the best use of their products and any new options available.


Coming soon!


We have selected Moroccan Oil and Matrix as the two vendors for hair care products. Our experience with these brands has shown them to be the best value for our customers and the salon. We not only provide these as retail options, we also exclusively use these products on our customers while performing diverse services.


The reviews say it all! Salon vi•va•cious has an atmosphere that is welcoming to clients and Fatima has a reputation for being the best hairstylist in the area. There will always be competition, but we will always focus on keeping Salon vi•va•cious on top both from being competitively priced to being the go to place for the best style.

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